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The Future of Hybrid Warfare

Analysis by Frank Hoffman, Colonel Matt Neumeyer, and Benjamin Jensen

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Photo: Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Photo: Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Latest Analysis: NATO Comes to Washington

As NATO leaders convene in Washington for the alliance’s 75th anniversary summit, CSIS experts provide timely analysis on the summit, the state of NATO, and more.


Spotlight on the NATO Summit

Photo: JULIA NIKHINSON/AFP via Getty Images

Photo: JULIA NIKHINSON/AFP via Getty Images

What Will Happen at NATO’s Washington Summit?

From July 9–11, all 32 NATO allies and several global partners will gather in Washington, D.C., for a historic summit, 75 years since the alliance’s founding. This meeting comes at a perilous time, with NATO facing a war in Europe amid several global crises.

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Critical Questions by Sean Monaghan, Sissy Martinez, Andrea Leonard Palazzi, and Otto Svendsen — July 2, 2024

Photo: Omar Marques/Getty Images

Is NATO Ready for War?

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Report by Sean Monaghan, Eskil Jakobsen, Sissy Martinez, Mathieu Droin, Gregory Sanders, Nicholas Velazquez, Cynthia Cook, Anna Dowd, and Maeve Sockwell — June 11, 2024

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