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Rep. Brad Schneider’s Trips to Israel and Saudi Arabia

Analysis by H. Andrew Schwartz and Rep. Brad Schneider (D-IL)

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Photo: Omar Marques/Getty Images

Is NATO Ready for War?

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Report by Sean Monaghan, Eskil Jakobsen, Sissy Martinez, Mathieu Droin, Gregory Sanders, Nicholas Velazquez, Cynthia Cook, Anna Dowd, and Maeve Stockwell — June 11, 2024

Photo: MONSTER4711/CC BY-SA 3.0

Photo: MONSTER4711/CC BY-SA 3.0

"Bending" the Architecture: Reimagining the G7

The global governance system is in disarray. Time does not allow for building a new governance institution—but requires the “bending” of existing ones. This CSIS report offers recommendations on reimagining the future G7 as a critical institution of global governance.

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Report by John J. Hamre, Victor Cha, Emily Benson, Max Bergmann, Erin L. Murphy, and Caitlin Welsh — June 12, 2024

On China is a leading resource for policymakers confronting a new era of great power competition, with innovative research, diverse viewpoints, and cutting-edge multimedia from across CSIS.

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