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Iran’s Next Act & Houthis' Next Move

Analysis by H. Andrew Schwartz and Norman T. Roule

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Photo: fifg via Adobe Stock

Photo: fifg via Adobe Stock

A Russian Bot Farm Used AI to Lie to Americans. What Now?

The United States and its allies disrupted a Russian bot farm that used AI to spread propaganda. With this, Russia has officially made one dystopian prediction about AI come true: it used it to lie better, faster, and more believably.

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Commentary by Emily Harding — July 16, 2024

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Photo: CSIS, partially generated with AI

Photo: CSIS, partially generated with AI

The Future of NATO

This series—featuring scholars from the Futures Lab, the International Security Program, and across CSIS—explores emerging challenges and opportunities that NATO is likely to confront after its 75th anniversary


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