In late 2021, the Center for Strategic and International Studies hosted its first-ever Congressional Bootcamp. Drawing on insights from leading experts in and around CSIS, these courses bring together a diverse cohort of full-time Congressional staff members to dive deeper into the most pressing foreign policy and national security challenges. 

CSIS is continuously developing new bootcamp courses to educate Congressional staff and help them better tackle the most pressing issues of national security they face.  

Past Courses

Internal Dynamics Shaping Xi’s China

In June 2022, CSIS and the University of Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Contemporary China hosted leading experts from around the country for a course on China’s domestic politics. This course explored a variety of perspectives on the domestic forces shaping China today and tomorrow. Participants came away with a deeper understanding of China's domestic politics and how that shapes the country's foreign policy and military ambitions. Sessions included discussion of elite politics, China’s economic agenda, the country’s climate and energy policies, Beijing’s evolving strategy on Taiwan, managing internal security and discontent, and China’s legal system. 

China’s BRI and U.S. Policy Options

In November 2021, CSIS hosted a bootcamp course about China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This $1 trillion flagship foreign policy effort of Chinese leader Xi Jinping is poised to reshape global networks of trade, transport, and political ties within and between countries for decades to come. As Congress considers how to counteract the CCP’s growing influence in regions of strategic importance to the United States, this course gave participants a deeper understanding of the scope of BRI and the tools the U.S. can utilize in response.