Benchmarking the Business of Agriculture

In recent years, stakeholders have made significant pledges to increase funding in support of the agriculture sector. What matters more than the amount spent is the impact and outcomes of those investments. The challenge is determining what data, what methods, and what metrics to use for assessing whether policy reforms, programs, and investments are creating an enabling environment for agriculture growth. This report explores how the World Bank Enabling the Business of Agriculture index can be used by government policymakers, the private sector, and donors. The index is a work in progress. New topics and indicators are being added and the methodology will be refined with experience and user feedback. This creates a valuable opportunity for all stakeholders to shape what could become a defining analytical tool for the agriculture regulatory and policy landscape.

Andrea Durkin
Adjunct Fellow (Non-Resident), Scholl Chair in International Business
Kimberly Flowers
Senior Associate (Non-resident), Humanitarian Agenda and Global Food Security Program