Catalyzing Private-Private Partnerships for Social Impact

This paper follows on the established research around public-private partnerships to consider the potential for private-private partnerships to leverage social impact in developing countries. Over the past nine months, the authors have explored whether and how companies are participating in collaborations with other companies, and what the barriers to and the opportunities for these kinds of private-led partnerships might be. The research defines “private-private partnerships” as those that involve two or more for-profit partners and that are initiated without funding from a public-sector, multilateral, or nongovernmental partner.

The paper shares findings on the trends, drivers, archetypes and examples, challenges, and opportunities that compose the current landscape of private-private partnerships. It also shares the authors’ recommendations for how interested stakeholders can catalyze greater numbers and types of these collaborations.
Photo credit: SIA KAMBOU/AFP/Getty Images

Helen Moser

Manager, CollaborateUp

Simon Lowes

Senior Associate, Project on U.S. Leadership in Development