CCP Inc. in Greece: State Grid and China’s Role in the Greek Energy Sector

How did one of China’s core state-owned enterprises gain a foothold in Greece’s electricity sector? This case study examines the “CCP Inc.” ecosystem of Chinese officials, state-owned enterprises, policy banks, and private firms that helped State Grid Corporation of China (State Grid) and other Chinese companies gain a stake in the national electric grid and renewable energy projects in Greece. State Grid is the world’s largest utility company, pursuing an international strategy of expansion that both implements and informs Beijing’s policy goals for global energy infrastructure. By investigating how State Grid acquired a stake in Greece’s national power grid operator, the Chinese financing and energy sector business deals that followed State Grid’s investment, and the constraints that limited State Grid’s later efforts to expand its control over Greece’s electric grid, this case study offers insight to the role of state-owned enterprises in the global reach of China’s state capitalist system. 

This report was made possible through the generous support of the Smith Richardson Foundation.

Briana Boland
Research Associate, Freeman Chair in China Studies
Andrew Polk
Senior Associate (Non-resident), Freeman Chair in China Studies

Cory Combs

Associate Director, Trivium China