A Collection of Papers from the 2008 Nuclear Scholars Initiative

The 2008 Nuclear Scholars Initiative brought together eleven graduate students and young professionals for monthly seminars at CSIS. Chaired by senior experts in the field, these daylong sessions explored key issues in nuclear policy, strategy and science through off-the-record discussion with government officials and individuals with extensive subject matter expertise. The articles contained in the Collection of Papers from the 2008 Nuclear Scholars Initiative are the product of independent research that the scholars conducted throughout their participation in the program. They therefore represent the new thinking on contemporary topics from those who will are likely to be future leaders in the field.

Complete Volume

Conventional Primacy & Unconventional Consequences: U.S. Power and the Nuclear Choices of Allies and Adversaries by Joshua Akery
Atoms for a Nuclear Energy Partnership Policy Proposal by Alexander Christian
International Nuclear Fuel Supply Guarantees by Mark Christopher
Nuclear Ready Iran by Lisa Farhamy
Opaque Nuclear Weapon States: Predicting When and Why They Declare by Eric Lorber
The Nuclear Posture Review and Its Implications on Arms Agreements by Kathia Neiwiadowski
Changing Chinese Strategic Culture and North Korean Relations: Will the Alliance Withstand North Korea’s Nuclear Misbehavior? by Elizabeth O’Grady
Strategic Coercion and the Iranian Nuclear Case: Examining U.S. Policy Options by Jonathan Pearl
Engaging Proliferation: Isolation and National Exceptionalism as Drivers of Nuclear Decisions by Justin Reed
U.S. Nuclear Weapons and Proliferation by U.S. Allies by Dane Swango
Progress or Proliferation? South Africa’s Nuclear Future by Taya Weiss


Joshua Akery, Alexander Christian, Mark Christopher, Lisa Farhamy, Eric Lorber, Kathia Neiwiadowski, Elizabeth O’Grady, Jonathan Pearl, Justin Reed, Dane Swango, and Taya Weiss