Competing for the Future of Cloud Computing in Latin America

Cloud computing is a powerful new architecture and business model for information technology that is now entering mainstream adoption. More broadly, cloud computing is a strategically important driver of economic prosperity and national security. It is the platform for a modern economy. Cloud services are instrumental in how companies manage their businesses and how governments provide citizen services. Countries that adopt cloud computing will be more successful in the global economy, while countries that are slow to adopt it are likely to fall behind. This report makes the case that building trustworthy cloud computing should be an economic development and foreign policy priority for democratic nations, focusing on Latin America.

The report begins by assessing cloud computing markets in Latin America. It then focuses on rising global competition and security concerns. Next it reviews Latin America’s policies toward cloud computing, including in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. The report concludes with recommendations to achieve the shared interests of the United States and Latin America in an economically prosperous Latin America, trustworthy cloud infrastructure, and fair markets.

This report is made possible by generous support from Microsoft.

Senior Adviser (Non-resident), Strategic Technologies Program