Controlling Corruption in Local Government in Latin America

To address the problem of ethics and transparency in municipal government, the CSIS Americas Program held a conference on November 14, 2008, that brought together mayors of two important Latin American cities, heads of leading NGOs dedicated to good governance, and international donors focused on the topic. The objective of the conference was to identify key problem areas in municipal government with respect to corruption and the means of addressing them through official efforts supported by civil society. The conference was divided into three panels. The first featured the mayors of Barranquilla, Colombia, and Torreón, Mexico. During the second panel, leaders of NGOs from Peru, Venezuela, and Mexico spoke about their efforts to promote transparency, and in the third panel, representatives of government and international organizations offered presentations regarding their work dedicated to improving governance practices in the region. Approximately 130 people representing the U.S. government, the diplomatic corps, international organizations, civil society, academia, think tanks, the private sector, and the media attended the conference. This report provides a succinct summary of each presentation, with overall conclusions and recommendations to policymakers.

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Katherine E. Bliss
Senior Fellow and Director, Immunizations and Health Systems Resilience, Global Health Policy Center

Peter DeShazo