DHS 2.0 - Rethinking the Department of Homeland Security

Congress and the Bush Administration should develop a comprehensive plan to restructure the Department of Homeland Security, including establishing a nonpartisan commission to review the performance of the department and assess its capacity to fulfill the missions outlined in the Homeland Security Act in the areas of management, missions, authorities, and resources," according to the report, DHS v2.0: Rethinking the Department of Homeland Security.

The December 2004 report is a product of a nonpartisan Task Force established by CSIS and the Heritage Foundation to examine what changes might be made to advance an improved version of the department. Co-authors David Heyman, director of the CSIS Homeland Security Program, and James Carafano, senior fellow of the Heritage Foundation, offer a series of recommendations to make the department a more effective and efficient instrument for preventing and responding to terrorist threats.

David Heyman and James Jay Carafano, Ph.D.