Establishing a New Multilateral Export Control Regime

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A short, spoken-word summary from CSIS's Emily Benson on her recent report with Catharine (Katya) Mouradian, Establishing a New Multilateral Export Control Regime.

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While there are compelling reasons to establish a new multilateral export control framework, including the emerging political will to consider an entirely new regime, conspicuous drawbacks obfuscate a clear “best choice” path forward. A new CSIS report discusses the merits of the argument that a new multilateral export control regime is necessary and then evaluates five main options for moving forward. It ultimately argues that today’s concentric pressures—heightening geopolitical and geoeconomic risk, the retooling of global supply chains, and the proliferation of new technologies—call for the creation of a new export control architecture. This new architecture, an “Economic and Technology Security Regime” (ETSR), should include export controls, investment screening, and other strategic trade tools, but it should also go a step further in mitigating supply chain issues and coordinating industrial strategies among allies.

Emily Benson
Director, Project on Trade and Technology and Senior Fellow, Scholl Chair in International Business