The Evening: Conflicting Reports in Gaza, Putin Threatens Nuclear Conflict, You Saw Me Coming, and More

Conflicting Reports on Gaza Deaths

Officials in the Gaza Strip said more than 100 people were killed and hundreds more injured in Gaza City on Thursday, accusing Israeli forces of opening fire on a crowd of people waiting for humanitarian aid. Israel said an unspecified number of the casualties were caused by a stampede as residents scrambled to reach a convoy of trucks, as The Washington Post reports.

Putin Says West Risks Nuclear Conflict

Vladimir Putin said the West faced the prospect of nuclear conflict if it intervened more directly in the war in Ukraine, using an annual speech to the nation on Thursday to escalate his threats against Europe and the United States, as the NYT reports.

Chinese Automakers Post National Security Threat

President Biden ordered the Commerce Department to open an investigation into foreign-made software in cars, citing Chinese technology as a potential national-security risk, as the WSJ reports.

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In That Number


Russian forces have seized three more villages in the past few days, suggesting a growing momentum in their advance after taking Avdiivka.
Source: The Washington Post

Critical Quote

“All this really threatens a conflict with the use of nuclear weapons and the destruction of civilization. Don’t they get that?”

— Vladimir Putin

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Photo: CSIS

New satellite imagery of the probable ANGARA, a Russian container ship, at Najin, North Korea, on January 8, 2024 reveals the continuing transfer of large quantities of munitions between North Korea and Russia. Read the latest Beyond Parallel analysis here.

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Photo: Kremlin Press Office/Getty Images

Photo: Kremlin Press Office/Getty Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers his annual state of the nation address in Moscow, Russia on February 29, 2024.

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