The Evening: Deadly Earthquake, Balloon Fallout, Baby Blue, and More

Powerful Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked wide swaths of Turkey and neighboring Syria on Monday, killing more than 3,400 people and injuring thousands more as it toppled thousands of buildings and trapped residents under mounds of rubble, as the AP reports.

U.S. Military Failed to Detect Prior Chinese Incursions

The top U.S. general responsible for protecting North American skies said Monday that past incursions by Chinese balloons went undetected by the Pentagon, exposing what he characterized as a worrisome deficiency that must be addressed, as The Washington Post reports
Meanwhile, as the WSJ reports, China confirmed that it was the source of a balloon detected flying over Latin America, describing it in similar terms to the suspected surveillance balloon that the U.S. shot down over the weekend​​​​​​.

Russia’s Largest Offensive

Russian forces attacked dozens of Ukrainian positions across the eastern front, the Ukrainian military said on Monday, as Moscow’s assaults widen and intensify ahead of what Kyiv has warned could be the Kremlin’s largest offensive since the first weeks of the war, as the NYT reports.

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In That Number


Over 66,000 additional alleged war crimes have been reported to Ukrainian authorities since the Russian invasion began in February, according to Ukraine’s Office of the Prosecutor General.

Source: The Washington Post

Critical Quote

“Anywhere else in the world this would be an emergency. What we have in Syria is an emergency within an emergency.”

— Mark Kaye, spokesman for the International Rescue Committee

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To meet its vast energy needs, China is expanding its footprint along the Strait of Hormuz—a vital chokepoint for transporting oil. As Beijing looks to secure its interests in the region, it may leverage commercial inroads to further military and intelligence activities, according to a new CSIS digital feature.

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Photo credit: Can Erok/AFP/Getty Images


(Photo credit: Can Erok/AFP/Getty Images.) A woman reacts as rescuers search for survivors through the rubble of collapsed buildings in Adana, Turkey on February 6, 2023 after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the country.

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“Look out, the saints are coming through
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