The Evening: Moscow Pessimistic, U.S. Econ Surge, Funk 49, and More

Kremlin Says Putin Will Take His Time

The Kremlin warned on Thursday that there was “not much cause for optimism” that the West would satisfy Russia’s demands in the showdown over Ukraine, but said that Vladimir Putin would take his time to study the written responses that the United States and NATO submitted a day earlier before deciding how to proceed, as the NYT reports.

U.S. Economic Growth Surges

The U.S. economy grew rapidly in the fourth quarter of last year, advancing to a 6.9% annual rate, capping the strongest year of growth in nearly four decades as the country rebounded quickly from the pandemic-induced recession, as the WSJ reports.

Risk of Botching Future Health Crisis

The Department of Health and Human Services repeatedly ignored recommendations to improve its pandemic response and is at “high risk” of mismanaging a future crisis, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) warned on Thursday, as the Washington Post reports.

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In That Number


Covid-19 vaccine booster shot cuts Omicron death risk by 95%, a U.K. study shows.

Source: WSJ

Critical Quote

“We can and will improve upon efforts to protect civilians.”

— Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III

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In Kenya, many children living with HIV face challenges with disclosure, stigma, understanding, and adherence to treatment upon learning they are HIV positive. But education, peer mentorship, and efforts to better tailor medicines and services to fit children’s unique needs can enable and inspire young people living with HIV to enjoy safe, healthy lives.

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(Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images.) Female members of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) deploy outside Ghwayran prison in Syria's northeastern city of Hasakeh on January 26, 2022.

Recommended Reading

Will Russia Recognize the Self-Declared Separatist Republics in Eastern Ukraine?” by CSIS's Andrew Lohsen.

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Yesterday, the CSIS Korea Chair hosted Mr. Mark Lambert for a special conversation on Korea-Japan relations, the U.S.-ROK alliance, and North Korea.


Cyber from the Start

This week, CSIS's Suzanne Spaulding was joined by Liz Schrayer, President and CEO of U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, to discuss the value of bipartisanship and the role of the U.S. in foreign policy issues.

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There is nothing like watching legendary musicians get together and jam. In this case, Joe Walsh got together in his basement back in December with brother-in-law Ringo Starr, keyboardist Benmont Tench of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, guitarist Waddy Wachtel (who has played with everyone from Linda Ronstadt to Keith Richards), bassist Leland Sklar, and drummer Russ Kunkel to prepare for the streaming concert “VetsAid 2021: The Basement Show.”

This is a unique window into their jam session. And how great to Ringo and Joe Walsh look? Living in Malibu can do wonders…