The Evening: Putin Orders Cease-Fire, NK Drone, Slow Train Coming, and More

Putin Orders Cease-Fire

Vladmir Putin on Thursday ordered his military to implement a 36-hour cease-fire along the front line in Ukraine for Orthodox Christmas, and urged the government in Kyiv to do the same. As the NYT reports, a senior Ukrainian official quickly dismissed the move as a “banal trick” and a “propaganda gesture.”

U.S. and Germany to Send Armored Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine

Germany and the US will send armored fighting vehicles to Ukraine, the White House said, in a move that will deliver a big boost to Kyiv’s offensive capabilities, as the FT reports.

North Korean Drone Entered No-Fly Zone Near Seoul’s Presidential Office

A North Korean drone entered a no-fly zone surrounding Seoul’s presidential office last week, South Korea’s military said Thursday, in the latest example of the growing military threat from Pyongyang, which has also ramped up missile testing and sent planes near the border, as The Washington Post reports.

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In That Number


Putin orders 36-hour unilateral cease-fire in Ukraine for Orthodox Christmas.

Source: The Washington Post

Critical Quote

“Keep hypocrisy to yourself.”

— Mykhailo Podolyak, senior Ukrainian presidential adviser

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Ukraine’s recent string of victories makes planning for the country’s economic reconstruction a top priority. Experts discuss how the critical international effort of economic reconstruction should focus on three key sectors: digital, energy, and agriculture.

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(Photo credit: CSIS.) The Honorable Yasutoshi Nishimura, Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry, discusses Japan's 2023 G7 priorities and articulate his vision for the future economic order on January 5, 2023 at CSIS.

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