The Evening: Russian Drone Attack, Rising Prices, The Other One, and More

Russian Drone Attack

Russia carried out a drone attack in the Kyiv region and struck a residential building in southern Ukraine with a missile, following days of strikes that have galvanized Western support for fortifying Ukraine’s air defenses, as the WSJ reports.

New Pledges to Ukraine

Pleas from Ukraine for air defense support, after a barrage of Russian strikes on civilian targets, prompted new pledges from Britain, Spain and France — and more encouraging words from other defense ministers gathered for a two-day NATO meeting at alliance headquarters, as the Washington Post reports.

Prices Rise Faster

The Consumer Price Index report for September, released Thursday, showed that painfully rapid price increases continued to trouble Americans and bedevil the Federal Reserve, as the NYT reports.

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In That Number


Defense ministers from 14 NATO allies and Finland have agreed to develop "the European Sky Shield Initiative," a German-led push to create a European air and missile defense system through joint acquisition of air defense equipment and missiles by European nations, following President Zelensky's pleas for help.

Source: Washington Post 

Critical Quote

“We will stand by Ukraine for as long as it takes. In particular we will provide more air defense systems to Ukraine.” 

— NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

iDeas Lab

CSIS Satellite Imagery
Members of the CSIS Ukraine Economic Reconstruction Commission unpack the economic potential of Ukraine, the private sector's critical role in Ukraine's reconstruction, and what a successful reconstruction would look like.

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(Photo credit: Stringer/AFP/Getty Images.) Workers restore damaged parts of the Kerch Bridge that links Crimea to Russia on October 13, 2022.

Recommended Reading

"Russia Doubles Down on Its Failed Air Campaign" by CSIS's Ian Williams.

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At 11:00 a.m., the CSIS Trustee Chair in Chinese Business and Economics presents their latest Big Data China publication. 

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Yesterday, the CSIS Global Food Security Program welcomed International Fund for Agricultural Development President Alvaro Lario to discuss rural livelihood resilience. Watch the full event here.


Cyber from the Start
CSIS's Mvemba Dizolele is joined by Jakkie Cilliers, Head of African Futures & Innovation at the Institute for Security Studies, to discuss Africa’s potential growth in different global scenarios, the African Continental Free Trade Area, and challenges to intra-continental trade.

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