The Evening: Ukraine to EU, U.S. Economy, Caravan, and More

European leaders give Ukraine coveted E.U. candidate status

The European Union officially made Ukraine a candidate for membership on Thursday, signaling in the face of a devastating Russian military onslaught that it sees Ukraine’s future as lying in an embrace of the democratic West, as the NYT reports.

Taliban Seek Solutions After Afghan Earthquake

A day after a massive earthquake struck a remote part of eastern Afghanistan, leveling hundreds of simply built structures and wiping out whole villages, overwhelmed residents were digging with bare hands through what used to be their homes, while the country’s new rulers were grappling with the aftermath of one of the deadliest natural disasters in decades, as the Washington Post reports.

Jerome Powell Pressed Over How Fed Would Respond to Economic Slowdown

Lawmakers pressed Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell over how the central bank would manage trade-offs it could confront if its interest rate increases slow the economy sharply but don’t reduce inflation quickly. Mr. Powell on Thursday said that in such a scenario, the Fed would be reluctant to shift from raising rates to cutting them until it saw clear evidence that inflation was coming down in a convincing fashion, as the WSJ reports.

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More than 1,000 people believed to be dead after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Southeast Afghanistan.

Source: NYT

Critical Quote

“Summer will be hot for Russian occupiers. And the last one for some of them.”

— Ukrainian defense minister, Oleksii Reznikov

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(Photo credit: John Thys/AFP/Getty Images.)

European Union leaders on June 23, 2022 agreed to grant "candidate status" to Ukraine and Moldova, in a show of support in the face of Russia's war, EU chief Charles Michel said.

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