Freeman Briefing: China's Investment in the United States

National Initiatives, Corporate Goals and Public Opinion

Over the past decade Chinese investment flows to the United States have grown rapidly. These increased flows have brought with them domestic concern that China’s investments are strategic moves by the Chinese government to acquire U.S. natural resources and technology to aid China’s burgeoning economy. This briefing aims to shed light on the Chinese government’s role in China’s current investment flow to the U.S., detail and analyze the trend and motivations behind China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) and its focus on the energy, natural resources and technology sectors, analyze China’s private enterprise investment flow and the challenges these enterprises are facing, and finally to determine the future strategic implications Chinese OFDI has for the United States.

The Freeman Briefing offers analysis of major economic, trade and related developments in China of interest to the international business community, drawing largely from Chinese-language sources. 

Charles Freeman
Senior Adviser (Non-resident), Economic and Trade Affairs

Wen Jin Yuan