FYSA: For Your Situational Awareness l Issue 22

From the Director’s Chair by Kathleen Hicks
The graduation of two female officers from the U.S. Army’s elite Ranger School is very much in the news this August. By the end of 2015, the secretary of defense will decide whether any exceptions of women from combat roles are warranted.

Migrants and Security by Beverly Kirk
The migrant crisis in Europe continues to dominate headlines as countries struggle to deal with the influx of people.

Analyzing Data for Safer Travel by Josh Kussman
Senior leaders at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have increasingly emphasized the importance of risk-based approaches to securing our homeland.

Navigating Instability: Collaborative Approaches, Complex Environment by Sarah Minot
Traditional tools such as military stabilization operations have poor track records in stemming violence and contributing to long-term stability. The most promising approach is to develop holistic, multisector strategies.
Beverly Kirk
Senior Associate (Non-resident), International Security Program

Sarah Minot Asrar

Joshua Kussman

Kathleen H. Hicks