Global Flashpoints 2015

Crisis and Opportunity

Maintaining international security and pursuing American interests is more difficult now than perhaps at any time in history. The security environment that the United States faces is more complex, dynamic, and difficult to predict. At the same time, no domestic consensus exists on the purposes of American power and how best to pursue them. The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) looks ahead in this annual volume at the “flashpoints” that will likely arise in 2015, how best to deal with them, and what lasting effects they might leave for the next American administration and its allies around the world.

Josiane Gabel

Jon Alterman, Samuel Brannen, Ernest Bower, Victor Cha, Edward Chow, Heather Conley, Jennifer Cooke, Zack Cooper, Anthony Cordesman, Matthew Goodman, Michael Green, John Hamre, Kathleen Hicks, Christopher Johnson, Stephanie Kostro, Andrew Kuchins

Sarah Ladislaw, Maren Leed, James Lewis, Haim Malka, Jeffrey Mankoff, Carl Meacham

Sarah Mendelson, Andrew Michta, Scott Miller, Stephen Morrison, Clark Murdock, Richard Rossow, Daniel Runde, Thomas Sanderson, Conor Savoy, Sharon Squassoni, Amy Studdart, Nicholas Szechenyi, Juan Zarate