Innovative Financing for Global Health

A Moment for Expanded U.S. Engagement?

In this paper, the authors assess some of the most promising new financing mechanisms for global health, describing their current status, actual and potential benefits, and limitations. They also examine the prospects for increased U.S. involvement in innovative financing for global health, discuss some of the barriers that have hampered U.S. support in this area, and point to actions that could be taken to address these barriers.

Their conclusion is that new forms of financing are important, and that furthermore, the United States should become a more engaged participant in shaping and backing efforts in this area. Doing so could yield important health and economic benefits for millions of people in the world’s poorest countries and also generate important political and economic gains for the United States.

Robert Hecht is principal and managing director of the Results for Development Institute in Washington, D.C. Amrita Palriwala is a program officer with the Institute. Aarthi Rao is a program associate with the Institute.

Robert Hecht

Amrita Palriwala

Aarthi Rao