Islam, Islamism and Politics in Eurasia Report (IIPER) - No. 58, 21 June 2012



  • Additional note on the Shura of the Caucasus Emirate’s (CE) Nokchicho (Chechen) Vilaiyat
  • Video statement of DV Shura suggests new DV Amir is ‘Abu Mukhammad (Usman)’ Rustam


  • CE’s Galgaiche Vilaiyat in Ingushetiya holds Shura
  • June 13 special operation in Karachaevo-Cherkessiya kills 3 mujahedin
  • Likely Hizb-ut- Tahrir islami cell uncovered in Bashkiriya
  • CE suicide Istishkhad propaganda: Shakhidka Amina Ibragimova’s istishkhad video and Zalina’s letter
  • CE main website cites Greek fascists to support view that Holocaust was a myth


  • CE Dagestan Vilaiyat-global jihad plot to attack Eurovision-2012 and other targets in Azerbaijan foiled

Central Asia

  • Final word in ‘Jund al-Khalifat’ debate reveals JK ties to Pakistan Taliban’s ‘Terik-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammed’

Islam, Islamism and Politics in Eurasia Report (IIPER) is a bimonthly analysis issued by the CSIS Russia and Eurasia Program. IIPER focuses on all politically relevant issues involving or bearing on Islam, Islamism, and jihadism in Russia and Eurasia writ large. The report is compiled, edited, and unless indicated otherwise, written by Gordon M. Hahn, a nonresident senior associate at CSIS.

Gordon M. Hahn