A New Era in U.S.-Vietnam Relations

Deepening Ties Two Decades after Normalization

Since the normalization of diplomatic ties in 1995, U.S.-Vietnam relations have taken giant steps forward in nearly every area, from political and economic cooperation to expanding military and cultural ties. As the new era of ties between Hanoi and Washington nears its 20th anniversary, the relationship is increasingly vital to the national interests of both countries. The United States has identified Vietnam as a critical focus of its rebalance to the Asia Pacific. Vietnam increasingly views the United States as a necessary partner in its search for an independent foreign policy amid a rapidly changing Asia.

A New Era of U.S.-Vietnam Relations examines the history of the relationship and offers concrete recommendations for policymakers in both countries to deepen cooperation across each major area of the relationship: political and security ties, trade and economic linkages, and people-to-people connections.

Murray Hiebert
Senior Associate (Non-resident), Southeast Asia Program
Gregory B. Poling
Senior Fellow and Director, Southeast Asia Program and Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative

Phuong Nguyen