New Perspectives in Foreign Policy Issue 8, Winter 2015

New Perspectives in Foreign Policy is published by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to provide a forum for young professionals to debate issues of importance in foreign policy. Though New Perspectives seeks to bring new voices into the dialogue, it does not endorse specific opinions or policy prescriptions. As such, the views expressed herein are solely those of the authors and contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Board, CSIS, or the CSIS Board of Trustees.

In this issue:

  • The rise of Euroskeptic parties across the European Union
  • How the global health security infrastrcture has coped with the challenge of Ebola
  • The environmental impact of tensions in the South China Sea
  • An evaluation of Russia's recent natural gas deal with China

We are also pleased to introduce the first installment of our new interview series, with Dr. Kathleen Hicks who offers her insights on issues ranging from the conflict in Syria to professional development.

Travis Gidado, Kaleem Hawa, Alison Roberts, Sabrina Devereaux, Niklas Anzinger