Optimizing Export Controls for Critical and Emerging Technologies: Reviewing Control Lists, Expanded Rules, and Covered Items

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As critical and emerging technologies take center stage in the Biden administration’s conflation of national security and economic policy, this report assesses how adjustments can be made in the United States export control approach to best tackle today’s geostrategic landscape. The second in a series of three, this report assesses how the Department of Commerce’s tools and listings can be leveraged most efficiently to complement an expansion of controls at the high end of technological advancements. It begins by examining the different features of dual-use export control policy implementation and offers pathways to streamline their use and follows by offering case studies of currently controlled dual-use items that should be reviewed in light of the rise of new critical technologies.

This report is made possible through generous support from the Smith Richardson Foundation.

Eric Meyers

Research Intern, Scholl Chair in International Business