An American Strategy for the Campaign against Terrorism

This book takes readers beyond the hourly headlines and day-to-day dramas of the post-September 11 environment and helps them to think about the medium- and long-term implications of the new terrorist threat. Despite the courageous response to recent events, the fundamental conclusion of this work is that the years ahead will be among the most difficult in the long life of our nation. The authors present a comprehensive look at the areas in which new choices and hard decisions must be made--from strengthening law enforcement and intelligence to sustaining a sense of American purpose and devising tailored strategies for key regions of the world. The book's analysis was informed by the work of the CSIS Task Force on Terrorism, drawing on the full range of CSIS expertise in terrorism, national and international security, regional studies, and religion.

Kurt M. Campbell is senior vice president at CSIS and director of the CSIS International Security Program. Michele A. Flournoy is senior adviser in the CSIS International Security Program.

Daniel Benjamin, Anthony Cordesman, Robert Ebel, Shireen Hunter, James Lewis, Stephen Morrison, Clark Murdock, Robert Orr, Erik Peterson, Teresita Schaffer, Simon Serfaty, Celeste Wallander

Kurt M. Campbell and Michele A. Flournoy, principal authors