Recommendations for a New Administration

Be a Good Neighbor to the Caribbean

While vacationers think of the Caribbean in terms of suns and beaches, U.S. policymakers tend to think of it in terms of counternarcotics, humanitarian aid, and HIV/AID mitigation.  It is true that the Caribbean is prone to natural disasters and is dependent on imports for its food and energy, making it vulnerable to outside influences.  On the flip side, the region can generate wealth from service industries, help protect U.S. shores, and play a moderating role in the hemispheric politics.

These are all good reasons why U.S. policymakers should:

  • Accompany security assistance with a good neighbor plan,
  • Vary programs based on country and island clusters,
  • Promote education and programs for youth, and
  • Foster greater energy and food autonomy.

Anton Edmunds