Science, Technology, and U.S. National Security Strategy

Preparing Military Leadership for the Future

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A dominant theme of the twenty-first century is the democratization of science and technology (S&T). It is a driving force in global society and pervasive throughout all aspects of human endeavor, to include national security. High-technology weapons are no longer the exclusive domain of only a few nations. Smaller states are expanding their arsenals and infusing advanced technologies into their war-fighting tactics, operations, and strategy. Nonstate actors—from small groups to individuals—also have access to capabilities that in the past have only been reserved for nation-states.

In this challenging, technologically informed environment, the U.S. military must continue to ensure a competitive advantage. This report suggests ways to develop a cadre of technologically competent officers with the requisite leadership and operational skills to excel in this fast-paced and ever-evolving environment. It involves a complementary set of selection, assignment, promotion, and military and civilian education opportunities that infuse our next generation of leaders with strategic, creative, and critical thinking attributes to interact effectively between and among the policy, technology, and operational communities.

Daniel M. Gerstein

Senior Policy Researcher, RAND

James M. Keagle

University Professor, Eisenhower School, National Defense University