State and Market in Contemporary China

Toward the 13th Five-Year Plan


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The trajectory of China’s economic governance appears to be more in doubt now than at any time in the last quarter century. Although markets have become more important and will continue to grow in significance, at the same time the Chinese state, national and local, is not going anywhere and, in fact, is reasserting itself. The short essays in this volume, contributed by leading experts on Chinese economic policy, provide crisp and insightful analyses of the Chinese state's approach toward markets, the role of key actors and institutions, the evolving nature of industrial policy and the effectiveness of China’s international commitments to constrain such practices, and a preview of the likely contents and significance of China’s 13th Five-Year Plan.


Scott Kennedy
Senior Adviser and Trustee Chair in Chinese Business and Economics

Chen Ling, Nicholas Consonery, David Hathaway, Jesse Heatley, Jamie Horsley, Roselyn Hsueh, David Kelly, Arthur Kroeber, Dan Markus, Peter Martin, Oliver Melton, Margaret Pearson, Claire Reade, Daniel Rosen, D.D. Wu, Yan Chunlin