State Strategies for Expanding Economic Opportunity in Clean Energy

A Report by the Clean Resilient States Initiative

The energy transition presents a big economic opportunity, and states are putting forth well-articulated and robust strategies for developing low-carbon industries. Some states, motivated by ambitious climate goals, envision lower emissions and economic co-benefits to go hand in hand. But almost every state has some focus on developing new industries—even those without strong internal commitments to climate action. Often, state strategies to promote economic opportunity build upon existing industrial strengths and resource endowments and aim to protect existing industries as the energy transition takes hold. Many initiatives are also linked to broader socio-economic objectives, targeting disadvantaged communities or those affected by energy transitions. This paper highlights a selection of representative states to illustrate various strategies and tools states are deploying to seize upon clean energy opportunities.

This report is made possible by support from the Sloan Foundation.

Morgan Higman

Morgan Higman

Former Fellow, Energy Security and Climate Change Program

Stephen J. Naimoli

Nikos Tsafos