Strategic U.S. Leadership—Essential to Address the Global Tuberculosis Pandemic

This summary report, which we coauthored, grew out of a far larger enterprise that commenced in March 2013, when we called together the small tribe of dedicated TB experts, inside and outside government, and asked for their help. We felt the time was ripe to take a close look at U.S. approaches to global TB and to ask whether we might do things differently to better address the complex challenges emerging. The response we received to our request exceeded all expectations in the generosity, commitment, and insights these many friends extended to us. At that moment in early 2013 we asked several experts to author policy analyses on six vital subjects. The resulting papers are companion building blocks that inform the summary analysis of findings and conclusions contained here. We are issuing these six papers on June 9, 2014, simultaneous with this summary report.

Phillip Nieburg