The U.S.-Japan Alliance

Getting Asia Right through 2020

At a time of global uncertainty and transition, enduring U.S. interests demand a clear-eyed look over the horizon to grasp the challenges ahead and the potential opportunities to best shape the emerging world order. With half the world's population, one-third of the global economy, and growing economic, financial, technological, and political weight in the international system, Asia is key to a stable, prosperous world order that best advances American interests. The goal of this report is to outline a vision that offers the best prospect for achieving "a balance of power that favors freedom."

This report outlines the findings of a bipartisan panel of Asia specialists co-chaired by Richard L. Armitage and Joseph Nye.  The report highlights major trends in Asia and provides the panel's comprehensive analysis with security and economic policy recommendations.

In October 2000, Ambassador Armitage and Dr. Nye issued "The United States and Japan: Advancing Toward a Mature Partnership" which specifically aimed at strengthening the bilateral relationship in areas of politics, security, Okinawa, intelligence, economic and diplomacy.  "Getting Asia Right through 2020" continues to emphasize the importance of the alliance, however, addresses how the U.S.-Japan alliance could work together to positively influence the future in Asia.



Joseph S. Nye Jr.
University Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, and Former Dean of the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University