U.S. Leadership in an Era of Great Power Competition

Great power competition has returned. Actions by China and Russia to assert spheres of influence by undermining, weakening, or outright invading their neighbors will be a central challenge for the incoming Trump administration. In addition, the continuing threat of nuclear proliferation or employment posed by Iran and North Korea, and challenges posed by terrorist organizations like ISIS, will complicate the agenda for the next team.

It is time for bold U.S. leadership. The next administration can set a strong agenda, ensure it is resourced, and galvanize alliances. If it is to manage great power competition, it will have to.

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Photo credit: MASS COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST 1ST CLASS SHANNON E. RENFROE/U.S. Pacific Fleet/Flickr (https://flic.kr/p/ocnh25)
John Schaus
Senior Fellow, International Security Program