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2016 Global Go To Launch: Why Are Think Tanks More Important Than Ever Before?

January 26, 2017 • 9:00 – 10:30 am EST

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Join us for the 2016 Go To Think Tank Index Launch: Why Are Think Tanks More Important Than Ever Before? This year's theme will explore the role of think tanks in a diverse set of political and economic systems in every region of the world. The launch marks the tenth annual event organized by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) at the University of Pennsylvania to acknowledge the important contributions of think tanks worldwide.

Jane Harman
Director, President and CEO, Wilson Center

Edwin J. Feulner
Founder and Former President of The Heritage Foundation, Chairman of the Heritage Asian Studies Center

John J. Hamre
President and CEO, CSIS

Moderated by
Jay Solomon
Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, The Wall Street Journal

John J. Hamre
CSIS President and CEO, and Langone Chair in American Leadership