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2024 Global Development Forum

April 18, 2024 • 8:00 am – 3:00 pm EDT

The Project on Prosperity and Development hosted the eighth CSIS Global Development Forum (GDF) on April 18, 2024, prior to the Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund.

GDF 2024 focused broadly on economic growth, decarbonization, and pressing challenges and opportunities for development. 

This event was made possible through generous support from Chevron, Inc, as well as generous support from the Embassy of Denmark for ongoing related work.

Keynote Speaker

Representative Mike Gallagher (R-WI)

Chairman, House Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party

Mike Gallagher

Keynote Speaker

Daleep Singh

Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics, White House National Security Council

Daleep Singh

2024 CSIS Global Development Forum Agenda

Attendee Registration

8:15 am

Welcome Remarks by Daniel F. Runde, CSIS

8:50 am
9:30 am

Plenary Panel: Balancing Economic Growth, Energy Security, and Decarbonization



Gracelin Baskaran, Research Director and Senior Fellow, Energy Security and Climate Change Program, CSIS



  • Geoffrey Pyatt, Assistant Secretary for Energy Resources, U.S. Department of State 
  • Elnur Soltanov, Deputy Minister of Energy and Chief Executive Officer of COP29, Ministry of Energy, Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Mamadou Beye, General Manager of Corporate Affairs for Africa, Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, Chevron
  • Kate Hardin, Managing Director and Executive Director of Energy Resources and Industries Center for Research and Insights, Deloitte 
  • Cristina Pereteatcu, State Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, Republic of Moldova 


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Short Networking Coffee Break

11:00 am

Parallel Breakout Session I

11:15 am

The Next Chapter of Investment and Trade in Africa



Noam Unger, Director, Sustainable Development and Resilience Initiative and Senior Fellow, Project on Prosperity and Development, CSIS



  • Minster M’Ba, Ministry of Public Accounts, Republic of Gabon 
  • Daniele Jean-Pierre, Regional Director for Trade, Prosper Africa 
  • Krysten Jenci, Senior Government Affairs Manager, Cisco 
  • Mildred Nadah Pita, Head of Public Affairs Science Sustainability for Africa, Bayer


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Workforce Impacts of the Carbon Transition



Romina Bandura, Senior Fellow, Project on Prosperity and Development, CSIS



  • Liesbet Steer, President and Chief Executive Officer, Education Development Center
  • Elizabeth Ruppert Bulmer, Lead Economist in the Jobs Group, World Bank
  • Andrew Wills, Senior Vice President, Federal Affairs, Invenergy
  • Mariana Alfonso, Lead Specialist, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Department, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Melissa Kopolow, Vice President of Sustainability, Albright Stonebridge Group  

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Networking Luncheon

12:30 pm

Parallel Breakout Session II

1:45 pm

Ukraine's Neighborhood and Regional Recovery and Integration



Kateryna Bondar, Associate Fellow, Project on Prosperity and Development, CSIS



  • Stela Leuca, Former Deputy Minister for European Integration, Republic of Moldova
  • Ambassador Marek Magierowski, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the United States 
  • Colin Buckley, Managing Director and General Counsel, British International Investment 
  • Maria Håkansson, Chief Executive Officer, Swedfund

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The Global South's Debt Crisis and Its Negative Impact on Global Development: What Can Be Done?



Daniel F. Runde, Senior Vice President; William A. Schreyer Chair; Director, Project on Prosperity and Development, CSIS



  • Rafael Romeu, President and Chief Executive Officer, DevTech Systems Inc.
  • Tessie San Martin, Chief Executive Officer, FHI 360
  • Geoffrey Okamoto, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
  • Emilio Pineda, Chief of the Fiscal and Municipal Management Division, Inter-American Development Bank
  • W. Gyude Moore, Senior Policy Fellow, Center for Global Development

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Conference Adjourns

3:00 pm

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