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Afghan Perspectives on Post-Transition

November 17, 2011 • 3:30 – 4:30 pm EST

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Featuring remarks by Mr. Mohammad Haneef Atmar

Featuring remarks by

Mr. Mohammad Haneef Atmar
Former Afghan Minister of Interior

Sponsored by ANHAM

CSIS presented the first in a series of speeches and Q&A sessions on perspectives for Afghan governance and issues following the 2014 transition. Our speaker for this first event was Mr. Mohammad Haneef Atmar. Mr. Atmar served as one of Afghanistan’s leading Ministers during his terms in office as the Minister of Interior (2008-2010), Minister of Education (2006-2008) and as Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (2002-2006). 

Robert D. Lamb

Robert D. Lamb

Former Senior Associate (Non-resident), International Security Program