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Afghanistan During the Transformation Decade: Implications for the New U.S. Administration

March 3, 2017 • 12:30 – 2:00 pm EST
Join the CSIS Burke Chair in Strategy on March 3, 2017 for a discussion with Dr. M. Homayun Qayoumi, Chief Adviser to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan. Dr. Qayoumi will expand upon Afghanistan's reform agenda and highlight specific plans and projects within the country, the region, and how these might affect relations with the new U.S administration. 

Afghanistan has undertaken significant reforms since the creation of the National Unity Government. Major reforms in Afghanistan include developing and implementing various projects on infrastructure, human capital, and technology. Domestically, infrastructure projects will aim to lead Afghanistan towards self-reliance. Across the region, the major economic projects will aim to improve regional connectivity, enhance regional cooperation, and make an impact on peace and security in Afghanistan. ​
Anthony H. Cordesman

Anthony H. Cordesman

Former Emeritus Chair in Strategy

Dr. M. Homayun Qayoumi

Chief Adviser to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan