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Argentina's Economic History and Lessons for Today

May 8, 2017 • 3:00 – 4:30 pm EDT

On Monday May 8, we were joined at CSIS by Dr. Domingo Cavallo and Sonia Cavallo Runde, the co-authors of Argentina’s Economic Reforms of the 1990s in Contemporary and Historical Perspective, for an arm-chair discussion of their book. This event was co-hosted with the Americas program.

Dr. Domingo Cavallo has been at the center of Argentina’s economic conversation for over 40 years including as a former finance minister and former foreign minister. Sonia Cavallo Runde is an economist and serves as a professor at Catholic University of America.

Dr. Domingo Cavallo also featured in an episode of Dan Runde’s podcast, Building the Future. In that episode, Dr. Cavallo discusses his book, the economic and political trends that influenced Argentinian monetary policy, and the role that the United States played in the 1990s – and continues to play today – in Argentina’s growth and prosperity.

Conor M. Savoy

Conor M. Savoy

Former Senior Fellow, Project on Prosperity and Development

Michael A. Matera