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Assessing Innovation in China’s Digital Economy

January 8, 2018 • 10:00 – 11:30 am EST
The CSIS Technology Policy Program invites you to a discussion and release of a new report on the dynamics shaping the future of China’s digital economy, and implications for global trade and policy. 

The Chinese leadership has made clear that the digital economy and information and communication technologies (ICT) underpins the country’s economic development. Slogans like “without informatization there is no modernization” capture the high-level attention—particularly following the 19th Party Congresson developing internet technologies for mobile, AI, cloud, big data, and internet of things (IoT) as new engines of growth. State and private capital is pouring into Chinese companies and China’s large internet companies are growing more influential in and outside of China. Meanwhile, China’s start-up scene is thriving as entrepreneurs create new technologies and business applications that make the digital economy an integral part of daily life.    

Speakers will discuss the innovation ecosystem for leading Chinese internet companies—large and small. How are Chinese companies thinking about the next breakthrough and what are their prospects for global expansion? What is the role of venture capital? What is Beijng’s vision for China to “build a national power in cyberspace”? How will the country’s cybersecurity law impact the development of the digital economy and innovation? What is the role of Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and (BATJ) in building out China’s digital economy and what is their relationship with emerging companies? Does the term “internet company” accurately describe BATJ given their expansion into many more types of sectors?

This report launch is part of the China Innovation Policy Series, and made possible by support from our partners: Microsoft Corporation, the General Electric Foundation, the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Semiconductor Industry Association, and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). 
Host and Co-Founder, The Sinica Podcast; Former Director of International Communications, Baidu Inc.
Senior Director & Head of North America Government Affairs, ofo
Practice Head - Geotechnology, Eurasia Group; China Digital Economy Fellow, New America