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Book Event: 'Girt by Sea' with Rebecca Strating and Joanne Wallis  

July 10, 2024 • 5:00 – 6:00 pm EDT

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The CSIS Australia Chair cordially invites you toa discussion with authors Rebecca Strating and Joanne Wallis on Girt by Sea.

Australia has become increasingly involved with its Indo-Pacific neighbors in recent years but continues to look towards Europe and North America for its ultimate security guarantee. But what do the maritime security challenges closer to Australia mean for the country's future?

Please join CSIS Senior Advisor and Australia Chair Charles Edel & Senior Fellow Kathryn Paik on Wednesday, July 10 at 5 pm EDT for a discussion with Rebecca Strating and Joanne Wallis on their new book Girt by Sea: Reimagining Australia's Security, which looks at six maritime domains central to the country's national interests and offers an alternative vision for how Australia should understand its strategic challenges.

CSIS's Australia Chair conducts independent policy research aimed at strengthening U.S.-Australia relations. The Chair is endowed through the generosity of Pratt Industries.  

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