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Brazil, China, Germany and Russia's Industrial Policies:

December 1, 2010 • 7:00 – 9:00 pm EST

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Useful Models? Sustainable Success?

Brazil, China, Germany and Russia's Industrial Policies:

Useful Models? Sustainable Success?

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) hosts a meeting to examine the policies that stimulate production and innovation in countries including Brazil, China, Germany and Russia. The meeting assesses the competitive impact of such policies in these countries and in the global economy as a whole. We also looked at particular policy approaches and what they signal about the role of the market in driving new growth, as well as the overall global trend in economic development and growth.

The panel assessed the following questions:

  • What is the competitive environment in Brazil, China, Germany and Russia today and how has it evolved?
  • What are their policy approaches for stimulating manufacturing?
  • How is the policymaking environment responding to perceived successes and failures?


William E. Brock, Former U.S. Trade Representative, U.S. Secretary of Labor and U.S. Senator; and Chairman of the CSIS International Policy Roundtable


Brazil: Kellie Meiman Hock, Managing Director, McLarty Associates

China: Charles W. Freeman III, Freeman Chair in China Studies, CSIS 

Germany: Richard R. Burt, Former U.S. Ambassador to Germany; Managing Director, McLarty Associates; and Senior Adviser, CSIS

Russia: Andrew C. Kuchins, Director and Senior Fellow, Russia & Eurasia Program, CSIS

This series was made possible with support from the Alcoa Foundation.

William E. Brock

William E. Brock

Former CSIS Counselor and Trustee
Charles Freeman
Senior Adviser (Non-resident), Freeman Chair in China Studies