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Building the New India: Focus on State Infrastructure

May 22, 2018 • 10:30 am – 12:00 pm EDT

The Indian central government has unleashed a series of programs to give a boost to infrastructure development across the country.  These include economic corridors connecting major cities, the development of inland waterways, the improvement of road and rail connectivity, and the development of more airports and ports to deal with the growth of air and sea traffic.  Supported by targeted investment in 100 “Smart Cities” and an improvement in India’s energy infrastructure, this could all amount to a tremendous boost in India’s gross domestic product (GDP).  However, most infrastructure development requires access to land, water, and power – areas where states hold considerable sway.  As a result, some projects have not moved beyond the announcement stage while others are nearing completion.  Driven by a desire to compete and complete projects in order to demonstrate to their electorate that they are transforming their lives, some states are leading the charge.  To understand the state of play of infrastructure development across India, join the CSIS Wadhwani Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies for a conversation with the institutions that serve as partners in this initiative at the next public session of the Wadhwani Chair’s Indian States Engagement Forum (ISEF).

This event is made possible through general support of CSIS.

Kartikeya Singh
Senior Associate (Non-resident), Energy Security and Climate Change Program and Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies

Ann Marie Yastishock

Deputy Assistant Administrator for Asia, USAID

Bart W. Édes

Representative, North American Representative Office, Asian Development Bank

Ryosuke Nakata

Chief Representative USA Office, Japan International Cooperation Agency

Brian O’Hanlon

Managing Director of Business Development, Overseas Private Investment Corporation

Dr. Kartikeya Singh

Deputy Director & Fellow