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The Capital Cable #61

December 16, 2022 • 9:15 – 10:00 am EST

Please join the CSIS Korea Chair for a special episode of "The Capital Cable" with on December 16 at 9:15 a.m. EDT, about US-ROK relations, cooperation on China, Japan, DPRK, and economic security.

The program will be moderated by Amb. Mark Lippert, with Dr. Victor Cha and Dr. Sue Mi Terry, and will feature Mr. Mark Lambert, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Japan and Korea at the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. Mr. Mark Lambert has extensive experience in East Asia. He previously served in the International Organizations Bureau where he established an office aimed at protecting UN integrity from authoritarianism. As Special Envoy for North Korean Affairs, he participated in negotiations with the DPRK aimed at the denuclearization of that country and devised and implemented a global pressure campaign to enforce UN Security Council Resolutions. As Director of the Office of Korean Affairs he helped shape the response to ballistic missile launches and nuclear tests conducted by North Korea.

The Capital Cable is made possible by generous support to the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Victor Cha
Senior Vice President for Asia and Korea Chair
Director of the Asia Program and the Hyundai Motor-Korea Foundation Center for Korean History and Public Policy, Wilson Center
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Japan and Korea, U.S. Department of State