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Careers in Global Development: Ambassador Donald Yamamoto

January 19, 2017 • 12:00 – 1:30 pm EST

A monthly series featuring career professionals in the development field.

“Careers in Global Development” is a monthly series featuring U.S. senior-level, multilateral and NGO officials who have worked in the field of development for at least twenty years. The series is aimed at young professionals who are interested in working in development and will include a dialogue on both the specific expertise of the speaker, as well as the career path and influences along the way. It will focus on specific areas of interest, including the role of humanitarian assistance in development and U.S. foreign policy; development as a tool to counter violent extremism; and sectoral issues such as food security, health, and education.

This session features Ambassador Donald Yamamoto.  While Ambassador Yamamoto currently serves as the Senior Vice President of the National Defense University, he has an extensive career in the State Department.  He is the former acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, and was the Ambassador to Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Eritrea ad interim under President George W. Bush.  Under President Obama, he has served intermittently as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs.  During his State Department service, he was responsible for coordinating US policy toward over 20 East and Central African countries.  He entered the foreign service in 1980 after graduating from Columbia University with a master's in international affairs.  He also has experience on Capitol Hill and at the National War College for senior training.  He has studied Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and French.  His illustrious service has earned four individual awards, two group awards, and the 2006 Robert Fraser Memorial Award.

Please join us in welcoming Ambassador Yamamoto with questions surrounding his work or career advice.  

William J. Garvelink