The Changing Role of Multinationals in Economic Development: Building on Corporate Self-interest to Build Economies

Part of the Careers in Development Series


Michael Levett
Vice Chairman and Former CEO and President of CDC Development Solutions

Today, an increasing number of multinational companies are spending more and more operating dollars in frontier and emerging markets, bringing with them know-how and capabilities that can directly impact the development of local communities. Through their supply chains, investments, and social responsibility programs, a growing number of private companies are seeking to do well while doing good, presenting an opportunity to catalyze other ongoing development objectives. 

Michael Levett of CDC Development Solutions has focused on highlighting the link between private sector activities and economic development for over 25 years. Mr. Levett has extensive experience on developing and implementing local supply chain initiatives and socially responsible programs for competitive companies.  He entered the development community after a career in international business, both in the movie industry and managing business and trade ventures in the former Soviet Union and Central Europe.