Chinese Companies in Latin America

June 4, 2013 • 8:00 – 9:00 am EDT

Who are They?


R. Evan Ellis
Associate Professor
Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies
National Defense University

Welcome and Introduction:

Carl Meacham
CSIS Americas Program

The character of China's economic engagement with Latin America has changed in recent years. Prior to 2008, the expansion of trade between the PRC and the region contrasted with the almost total absence of Chinese companies operating on Latin American soil.  In recent years, however, there has been a blossoming of Chinese companies operating in the region in multiple areas: natural resources, construction, telecommunications and logistics, and final assembly of numerous retail products.  What are the challenges that confront Chinese companies as they expand operations in Latin America?  How will the Chinese government balance the need to support its companies while adhering to its official policy of "non-intervention" in the affairs of other states?  And how is the growing presence of these companies impacting the political, social, and economic dynamics of Latin America?