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Civics at Work: Promoting Civil Discourse in the Workplace

April 17, 2023 • 4:00 – 5:00 pm EDT

April 17 - 23, 2023 is National Week of Conversation, and in celebration of this larger effort, CSIS will host a program on April 17 (4pm-5pm EDT) looking specifically at how to promote civil discourse in the workplace via civics. The featured panelists from the civics, corporate communications and business communities will highlight not only the specific skills needed to encourage civil discourse, but also the ways in which engaging with these types of activities can promote a more cohesive and inclusive workplace.

One of the key messages that was emphasized during the recent Summit for Democracy was the following: democracy is good for business, and business is good for democracy. Recent studies show that there is a business case for generally promoting civics. But what are the practical, tangible benefits to having a civically informed and engaged workforce? Beyond the immediate implications for a specific company, how do civically-minded workforces actually support democracy and promote the rule of law?

This event is part of the CSIS Civics at Work Initiative and will feature Suzanne Spaulding (Director, Defending Democratic Institutions Project, CSIS), Deborah Enix-Ross (President, American Bar Association), Ginny Badanes (Senior Director, Democracy Forward, Microsoft), Preston Golson (Director, Brunswick Group - Washington, D.C. Office) and Ted McConnell (Executive Director, Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools).

This event is made possible by the CSIS Civics at Work' project sponsors: The ABOTA Foundation, Craig Newmark Philanthropies, Microsoft, and the Southern Company. 



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Ginny Badanes

Senior Director, Democracy Forward, Microsoft

Ted McConnell

Executive Director, Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools