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Climate Change, Security, and Earth Observation

CSIS hosted an event called "Climate Change, Security, and Earth Observation.”  This event builds off of the recommendation of the CSIS Commission on Smart Power for America to take a leadership role in addressing climate change and energy security by helping to establish global consensus and developing innovative solutions. 

This event will feature keynote speakers:
  • Dr. Ronald Sugar
    CEO of Northrop Grumman Corporation;
  • Vice Admiral Conrad Lautenbacher
    former Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere (NOAA), and

Speakers and panelists will discuss three principal issues:
  1. The serious and pervasive effects of climate change on national security;
  2. Building the infrastructure and capability to collect and analyze data on Earth systems for the adaptation and mitigation of the effects of climate change; and
  3. The need for U.S. leadership in spearheading multilateral collaboration on these initiatives
The panelists are:
  • Ms. Sharon Burke,
    Senior Fellow, Center for New American Security
  • Dr. Ana Unuruh Cohen,
    Deputy Staff Director, House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming
  • Dr. William Hooke,
  • Director and Senior Policy Fellow, American Meteorological Society
  • Ms. Sara Ladislaw,
    Fellow, Energy and National Security Program (moderator)
James Andrew Lewis
Senior Vice President; Pritzker Chair; and Director, Strategic Technologies Program
Sarah Ladislaw

Sarah Ladislaw

Former Senior Associate (Non-resident), Energy Security and Climate Change Program