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Combating Transnational Drug Flows: A Conversation with RDML Larry LeGree

May 22, 2024 • 3:00 – 4:00 pm EDT

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Transnational drug trafficking has had ripple effects on the national security of the United States. Not only has the abuse of illicit drugs caused a public health crisis but it has also left a wake of violence in production and transit countries. Furthermore, the ecosystem of transnational criminal organizations has completely diversified as groups vie for dominance over cocaine trafficking hubs in South America and the Caribbean and market access in the United States and Europe. At a time when these criminal organizations work more speedily to achieve their goals, intelligence, law-enforcement, and diplomatic cooperation is all the more imperative between the U.S. and its partners to degrade the crime groups’ capabilities. JIATF-S, an international and interagency task force, is an integral part of the United States efforts to centralize information sharing to increase efficiency and trust among partners in the fight against narcotics. 

This event will feature Admiral Larry LeGree, Deputy Director of JIATF-S, for a conversation on the role of JIATF-S in counternarcotic operations. The conversation will also focus on challenges and opportunities in the coordination and cooperation among partners and the evolving national security threat this illicit trade presents to the United States. 

This event is made possible through general support to CSIS.

Map of Transatlantic Cocaine Routes

Tracking Transatlantic Drug Flows: Cocaine's Path from South America Across the Caribbean to Europe

Transatlantic cocaine trafficking has produced alarming and lasting effects on both sides of the Atlantic. Governments have struggled to respond to this rising public health and security threat. International cooperation is imperative for creating solutions that are both comprehensive and sustainable for all countries involved.

Digital Report by Christopher Hernandez-Roy and Rubi Bledsoe — September 19, 2023

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